De 1994 à 1997, Chafik réinvente la totalité du catalogue «outdoor» de MOULIN GALLAND (aujourd’hui FERMOB) dont la mythique chaise «Square» qui équipe les parcs les plus célèbres du monde comme Times Square à New-York.

Chafik reçoit, conjointement à la marque Moulin-Galland, le Prix du Nombre d’Or, consacrant une collaboration exemplaire entre un industriel et un designer.

*“We had a range of very traditional products and we could not rely solely on this tradition and our existing market for our development. So, we had to progress in terms of products, production techniques and design. In Chafik, I found someone who knew about our markets and about the technical aspects, and who contributed a very personal artistic sensibility, breathing new life into this epoch. He also added an element of femininity, in tandem with the sensibility of emotional values to certain details and to the charm of a product.

I met Chafik through one of his shows and I immediately felt that he had the human qualities I was looking for. Throughout our collaboration, he has contributed his enthusiasm, his propensity for teamwork and commitment to our projects. The modification of the “Square” chair is a typical example of this collaboration: a huge amount of design work, with the adaptation of materials and colors, all around the same theme. Chafik is someone who is contemporary, integrated into today's life and enthusiastic.”*

Didier Deconninck, CEO of Moulin-Galland

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